The Journal of Security is in process of appointing Editorial Board Members. Our Journal would like to invite interested candidates to join the network of professionals/researchers for the positions of Editorial Board Members. The invitation encourages interested professionals to contribute into our research network by joining as a part of editorial board members for scientific peer-reviewed journals.

Editors’ Responsibilities:

The editor is responsible for ensuring that the content of the Journal is of a high quality in terms of accuracy, validity, reliability, credibility, authority, readability, comprehensibility and relevance to the Journal’s scope and mission. These responsibilities also cover topics such as authorship, conflict of interest, ethical principle etc.

The Editor is responsible for the timely and substantive output of the Journal, including the solicitation of manuscripts, supervision of the peer review process and the final selection of articles for publication. The editor must treat all submitted material fairly, consistently and in a timely manner avoiding bias, conflict of interest, and external pressure in making editorial decisions. In meeting these obligations the editor has specific responsibilities to authors, readers and peer reviewers.

Editors should treating authors with fairness, courtesy, objectivity and honesty, Rendering timely decisions and responses to authors’ queries and protecting the integrity, privileged nature of every author’s work and selecting appropriate and knowledgeable peers to review each paper sent out for review, and guiding the peer review process. The editor also relies on peer reviewers, experts in the disciplines of the submitted manuscripts, to provide critical assessments of their accuracy, reliability and validity. The editor also relies on copy editors and typesetters to improve the substantive and technical nature of accepted papers, making sure they are grammatically correct, consistent in style and usage, accurate and readable.

The editor is supposed to link professional networks to provide support to the Journal and promote the Journal in professional and industry forums where possible. Editorial board members should, ideally, be willing to advise contributors with outstanding articles towards further research opportunities or book publications. Members of the Editorial Board are requested to provide active and creative discussion about the future direction of the Journal. Ideally, a board member will take charge of an existing stream or suggest a new stream.

Major Duties of the Editors Include:

  • Managing and reviewing of approximately 5-10 manuscripts per year in his/her research interests.
  • Soliciting high-quality manuscripts from potential authors, and assisting these authors in seeing their manuscripts to publication.
  • Promotion of Journal of Security in his/her colleagues.
  • Recommend qualified Editorial Board Members & Reviewers.
  • Improve quality and quantity of papers and work to improve Journal impact factor
  • Provide introductory text for online/print publications.

Benefits and Privileges:

  • The editor’s name and affiliation will be listed in the Journal’s website and each member will have a professional web page including his/her photo, information and a contact form.
  • The members will have right to name the editorial board membership of Journal of Security as one of their affiliations and professional activities.
  • The members can publish editorial notes in the Journal issues free of charge (after getting acceptance from chief editor).
  • The members will be given preference in order to publish their manuscripts in the Journal with a shorter peer review process, in addition to a 20% discount for article publication charges.
  • The members can become nominated for the “Editor’s Award”, which recognizes the outstanding support and crucial role played by the editors in assuring the quality of the Journal.

Eligibility for Becoming the Member of International Editors:

  • The applicant must hold:
    • A PhD (Doctor) degree with good field experiences and
    • Professional position at accredited academic institution
  • The applicant must have good experiences in his/her specific field of research.

If you are interested in becoming the editor of Journal of Security, complete this form and email to: 


  • Please complete all items with your full information, insufficient information and/or undependable submission will be cause of refusal.
  • It’s not acceptable the applications from those who do not meet our requirements mentioned above.

Should you have any questions about becoming Journal of Security Editorial Board member, please email us at