We invite new and original submissions addressing theoretical and practical topics and its applications in all area of security. The topics covered by this journal include, but not limited to, the following topics:

Access control Security economics
Anti-virus Security in social networks
Armed robbery Steganography and steganalysis
Assurance of service Transaction security
Attack modeling and prevention Trust theories
Authentication National security
Authorization Network forensics
Aviation security Network security
Biometrics Non-repudiation
Computer forensics Privacy protection
Cryptographic algorithms and applications Protocols
Data and system integrity Risk analysis and management
Data confidentiality Safety critical systems
Database security Secure operating systems
Denial of service Security agents
Dependability and reliability Security evaluation
Designing out crime Mobile security
Digital right protection Security group communications
Evaluations of security measures Security in e-services
Firewall Security in wireless and wired including optical
Fraud detection and prevention networks
Hacker and terrorist detection Security infrastructures
Health and safety Security management
Homeland security Security models
Information ethics Security policies
Information filtering Security staff
Information hiding and watermarking Security standards
Insurance Social engineering
Intrusion detection Software security
Key management and key recovery System security
Language based security Trusted computing
`Secure electronic voting Vulnerability assessment

We encourage program committees of academic conferences to recommend their best papers to be published in Journal of Security. These recommended papers will go through a much shorter period of reviewing process provided that the conference reviewing process has been strict and rigorous and that an agreement is reached as early as possible. We also encourage individual authors to submit their improved proceeding papers to Journal of Security. Their paper’s review process will also be shortened.