International Journal of Advanced Computer Science and Information Technology encourages the submission of collections of papers on topics of interest for the Journal and invites proposals for Special Issues that focus on a specific area of research that has broad appeal and falls within the aims and scopes of the Journal. Special Issues provide an excellent opportunity to review an addressed topic, examine previously unaddressed aspects, propose and develop new approaches, exchange perspectives and encourage new lines of research. Selection of Special Issues will be made by the Editor-in-Chief.

Procedure for Submitting Special Issue Proposal
In order to help potential Guest Editors to prepare Special Issue proposals, the instructions have been provided which can be downloaded here.

Proposal Approval Process
All proposals are subject to approval by the Journal following a discussion of the proposed Special Issue among the Journal’s Editorial Board. Depending on their feedback, the proposal may be approved, rejected (with appropriate supporting reasons), or returned to the Guess Editor(s) for additional information. Usually this process will take two weeks. If approved, a Call for Papers for the Special Issue will be issued and posted online.