As part of its ongoing development, the International Journal of Advanced Computer Science and Information Technology would like to invite the interested professionals to contribute into its research network by joining us as a part of reviewers committee. The Journal is seeking reviewers who can provide constructive analysis of papers thus enhancing overall reputation of the Journal. If any expert is interested in participating the review process, we highly encourage you to sign up as a reviewer for our Journal and help us improve our presence in domain of your expertise. Appropriate selection of reviewers who have expertise and interest in the domain relevant to each manuscript are essential elements that ensure a timely, productive peer review process. As a reviewer you would receive a certificate of IJACSIT International Review Board membership (after a year) and become eligible for IJACSIT’s Reviewer of the Year award.

The main duties as a member of the IJACSIT Reviewers Committee will be to review papers submitted to the Journal, submit papers, timely communicate with IJACSIT staff and Editors, timely provide review comments, review at least one paper/issue relevant to his/her area, recommending new reviewer committee members, suggesting topics improvements, and disseminating the Call for Papers.

Benefits of IJACSIT Reviewers:

  •  Concessions in Manuscript Registration.
  •  Collaborating with an international editorial team;
  •  Mentoring authors working in an international expertise environment;
  •  Participating in processes to improve editorial work;
  •  Joining a professional community dedicated to improving IJACSIT publications;
  •  Meeting and working with other experts in a similar field;
  •  Publishing with IJACSIT staff members.

 Candidates must be able to demonstrate that they:

  1. Have a relevant academic degree
  2. Have a good command of oral and written English

Applicant  please kindly fill out this form and email to: editor[AT]elvedit[DOT]com.