Helvetic Editions (HED) is an independent publisher specializing in the publication of high-impact journals, proceedings and books, online versions, across all areas of science and technology. We are aiming to the leading scientific publisher and publish an expanding academic research content programme.

At HED, our main goal and chief purpose is to transmit information to the global community to further, through publication, the objective of advancing knowledge, education, learning, and research. In order to realize this aim, at Helvetic Editions, we hold a mission to promote research by collecting a large pool of peer-reviewed journals, books and proceeding across the spectrum of scientific, technological and engineering fields,

and to make them fully searchable and easily accessible globally.

An archives in the most basic sense of the word is a place where written documents are stored; where items of value and importance are orderly arranged for easy perusal and maintained permanently in usable form. Our solution is to produce online versions of high-impact, peer-reviewed journals and other scholarly content by hosting the large repository of free, full-text, peer-reviewed content. In this way we provide innovative and effective means of content production and dissemination. We are committed to the quality production and dissemination of professional and academic knowledge throughout the world.

Helvetic Editions partners with influential scholarly societies, university presses and publishers to create a collection of the finest, fully searchable research literature online. We work closely with universities, professional organizations, academy and industry to ensure high standards of readability, presentation and impact in all published material. We are establishing an outstanding reputation for helping publishing authors from around the world and at every educational level to disseminate primary scientific information, innovation and excellence.

We look forward to expanding the offerings of Helvetic Editions as the need for credible sources of information grows in our increasingly scientific and technological world. For further information please contact with us by info[at]elvedit[dot]com.