Dr. Ryan Richard,

Greetings !

I welcome you all to Helvetic Editions (HED). With established competitive research capacity, a dynamic tradition of learning, and a pleasant environment, our institution actively participates in the development of knowledge. HED, despite its comparatively young history and tradition, is one of the Academic world’s renowned private research institutions. At HED, we hold a mission to promote research by collecting a large pool of peer-reviewed journals, books and proceeding across the spectrum of scientific, technological and engineering fields, and to make them fully searchable and easily accessible globally.

We value all type of scholarly materials produced by academics and industrialist, from survey, review, and tutorial type of materials to the advanced cutting-edge research output. We work closely with our Advisory Board members, most of them are serving as Editor in Chief and Associate Editors in our publishing activities, to collect such publishable materials, perform peer-review for originality assurance, and disseminate to community worldwide. We aim to produce publications that will help learning, education, research and advancing knowledge.

To achieve our aim, we foster close communication with communities of scientists, researchers, educators and students by providing an open environment for exchange of scholarly information and knowledge through the coverage of our mainstream Journal publications. This will enable communities to work more efficiently, thereby advancing knowledge and learning. For any inquiry, please contact us by info[at]elvedit[dot]com.
Again, I welcome all of you to HED. Thank you for your support, affection, and encouragement.